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December 31, 1969 No Comments

Why We Love Drone-Based Oil & Gas Inspection {And You Should, Too!}


Drones equipped with a combination of sensors are revolutionizing the oil and gas inspections. At the moment, the drones with thermal imaging,...

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The Biggest Problem with Building Inspections, And How You Can Fix It

 Building inspection allows its owners, potential buyers, insurance companies, and others to know the status of the building structure. The...

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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Drone-Based Inspections

The manual inspection of buildings and other facilities such as oil and gas refineries, flare stacks, and  pipelines is usually time-consuming,...

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Six Ways Drones Will Shape Your Future

 Drones have the ability to reach places humans cannot access easily. Flying at low heights enables them to get sharp and high-quality images,...

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Where Will Building Inspections Be 3 Years from Now

Most of today’s building inspections rely on the traditional methods of manually scaling buildings while taking photos or using a manual checklist...

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Drones For Building Inspection

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The Risks of Swing Stage, Bosun Chair and Rope Access for Building Inspections and Its Alternatives 


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North America Oil & Gas Drones Market – Growth, Trends and Forecasts

  The North America Oil & Gas Drones Market has been estimated at USD 609 million in 2014 and is projected to reach USD 4000 million by 2020, at a... Read More

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